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Ben Roethlisberger's Accuser Gives Troubling Statement

Boy, this looks really bad for Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger. Yes, he’s lucky that there won’t be any criminal charges filed, but posted some relevant hand-written statements that the 20-year girl from Milledgeville, GA gave to police and it sounds pretty bad.

“Ben asked us to go to his ‘VIP’ area. . . . We all went with him,” the alleged victim wrote. “He said there were shots for us, numerous shots were on the bar, and he told us to take them. His bodyguard came and took my arm and said come with me, he escorted me into a side door/hallway, and sat me on a stool. He left and Ben came back with his penis out of his pants. I told him it wasn’t OK, no, we don’t need to do this and I proceeded to get up and try to leave. I went to the first door I saw, which happened to be a bathroom. He followed me into the bathroom and shut the door behind him. I still said no, this is not OK, and he then had sex with me. He said it was OK. He then left without saying anything. I went out of the hallway/door to the side where I saw my friends. We left [the club] and went to the first police car we saw.”

This was the second of two statements that the alleged victim gave. This first one was given when she was most likely pretty wasted off of booze. She writes:

“His bodyguards took him back to the rooms w/bathroom and I said, ‘I don’t know if this is a good idea’ and he said ‘it’s OK.’ He has sex w/me and meanwhile his bodyguards told me friends they couldn’t pass them to get to me. My friends found me & talked to a Milledgeville policeman and he said to report it.” posts other statements from her friends that all seem to be in sync with one another. That kind of tells us that they might be telling the truth. We weren’t there that night and we don’t know what really happened, but at some point, all these women can’t be lying can they?


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