Winner of $50,000 Super Bowl Safety Bet is Giving the Money to Charity

As we noted earlier today, approximately $94 million was wagered on Super Bowl XLVI between the New York Giants and New England Patriots. Making up a small, inconsequential percentage of that total figure was a bet by Giants fan Jona Rechnitz, who caused quite a stir on Monday. You see, Rechnitz (somehow) won $50,000 on a ridiculous $1,000 wager that the first scoring play of the Super Bowl would be a New York safety.

Of course, that’s precisely what the first scoring play ended up being.

A refresher:

Well, according to TMZ, Rechnitz -- on top of being some sort of gambling savant -- is also something of a successful real estate guy. And because he’s a successful real estate guy and also a good person, he’s giving away all of his winnings to charity.

Per the report:

“Jona Rechnitz tells TMZ, he's donating every last cent to multiple charities ... INCLUDING one of Tom Brady's choice…

…he plans to donate $5,000 to Tom's charity of choice -- in the hopes Tom and the Pats will match it -- and $5,000 to the charities of choice for the Giants defensive linemen who made the safety play. Jona also wants to take Tom out for an all-expenses-paid falafel dinner.

As for the rest, Jona says he plans to divide up the balance after taxes ... and donate it to a bunch of charities benefiting the less fortunate.”

So there you go. Yesterday we referred to this man as a degenerate gambler. Today we learn he’s actually a pretty legit human being.

Life’s crazy like that.

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