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Knicks' Wilson Chandler Faces Marijuana Charges

We just don’t get it. You are a professional athlete and you want to smoke pot. Fine, do whatever you like. But, can you really be surprised when you get caught after acting this stupidly?

New York Knicks forward Wilson Chandler was arrested Tuesday night on marijuana charges. Why did they cops pull his Mercedes-Benz over? Oh, gee, he was driving with his god damn lights off at 11:30 PM. Those god damned cops are always harassing the athletes!

“When they approached the vehicle, they smelled…and observed smoke,” a source told the god damn Daily News of the arresting officers.

He was arrested after they found a joint and five bags of weed in the trunk. Good god damn idea, Wilson. “Hey, let’s get high and drive around with the lights off. No, no, bring the extra pot in case we need it!”

The news of his arrest stunned his 76-year old grandmother out in Michigan.

“I don’t know about pot in his car, I ain’t heard nothing from him yet,” Gloria Chandler told The Daily News. “I didn’t raise him to smoke pot.”

And if you did raise him to smoke pot, you surely would have mentioned, “oh and don’t act like a god damned fool and get high and drive around with your lights off late at night.”


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