Will Broncos Tim Tebow Ever be a True NFL Star?


Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow was an absolute stud in the college ranks at the University of Florida. In four seasons at UF, Tebow played in 55 games, completing about 67% of his passes for 88 touchdowns and only 15 interceptions. Don’t forget Tebow had almost 3000 yards and 57 touchdowns on about 700 carries.

Tebow was constantly questioned about his game leading up to the 2010 NFL Draft. Some believed he wasn’t right for the NFL. Analysts like Mel Kiper Jr. said ”I don’t think he can be a fulltime quarterback. I don’t think he can be the quarterback of the future for you, but I do think in the third round, maybe the second round, he’ll be the same as Pat White.”

At 6’3 and 250 lbs, Tebow has the strength and size to develop into a big time quarterback. The key word in that sentence is develop. With Kyle Orton spending most of last season as the Broncos starter, Tebow will have to shine this off-season to show that he is the best option for the Broncos. Tebow only appeared in nine games last season completing 50% of his throws for 654 yards, five touchdowns and three interceptions. Tebow also rushed for over 250 yards and six touchdowns, while averaging 5.3 ypc.

But Tebow has something over any of the quarterbacks on the Broncos roster currently, leadership. Tebow consistently showed in college that he had the leadership to develop into a great player. That leadership will be the big reason he matures in the NFL and takes the next step.

With John Elway stepping in as the executive vice president of football operations in Denver, Tebow has a big opportunity of taking over the reigns that Elway once held. Elway likes Tebow a lot and knows that he has potential. The Broncos don’t want to give up on one of their first round picks from 2010 already. There really is no reason to give up yet. Tebow is 24 and will only get better with experience. The question is, what position should Tim Tebow play?

This upcoming season could give us that answer. Tebow runs the ball very well, possibly better than any quarterback with the exception to the likes of Steve Young, Randall Cunningham and Michael Vick. Running could be his bread and butter now, but to develop into a full-time quarterback you obviously have to throw the ball well. So, I will leave with these three questions:

1 -Will Tebow develop a proper pass that will work in the NFL?
2- Will Tebow be handed the starting job with veteran Kyle Orton likely on his way out?
3 -Will Tebow ever be a star QB in the NFL?

All of these questions about Tebow will likely be answered this upcoming season, if and when it does officially start.

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