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Will Tiger Woods' Next Appearance be in Divorce Court?

A new report says Tiger Woods' wife has left their house -- without their children -- and the couple could be headed towards divorce.

The report on quotes friends of Elin Nordegren, who say Nordegren was disgusted and outraged over Woods' new controversial Nike commercial featuring a voiceover by his dead father.

"Elin was violently angry over this commercial and thought it was a cheesy thing to do," the friend said. "She wouldn't have gone near the Masters under any condition, but that just made her madder. She is over Tiger. I wouldn't be surprised if she files for divorce sometime soon."

The friend said instead of being home in Florida when Tiger got there after the Masters last weekend, she took off leaving her two kids with nannies. It's not clear where she is now.

Another friend says Nordegren has run out of patience with Woods. She is angry that Woods returned to golf so soon, being led to believe he was going to take more time off.

"She's so far beyond hurt now. If she were angry or if she hated him, they might still have a chance to work it out,' the friend said. "But she's beyond that. She's numb. She just doesn't care anymore. She's like, 'Whatever.' Elin's not the type to get all weepy or have pity parties for herself. She mourned the loss of this marriage, and now she's moving on. It's the only thing she can do."

So far Nordegren has not filed any divorce papers, nor can it be confirmed that she's even hired a divorce attorney.


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