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Kentucky or NBA Draft: Brandon Knight and Terrence Jones

There is much speculation on what the two star-studded freshmen from Kentucky will be doing next basketball season. With an NBA lockout looming many projected top picks have decided to return to their respective campuses.

Brandon Knight and Terrence Jones both were great talents this season and were a huge reason why the Wildcats finished their season in the Final Four.

Brandon Knight gained much of his drat potential in the tournament. His scoring was around all season long as the ‘Cats struggled on the road but were able to win big games at home.

Every time the Wildcats found themselves in a difficult situation Brandon Knight was there to take the shot. That is something not traditionally found in freshmen players. Knight was “Mr. Big Shot” in every sense of the term for the Blue and White.

It will not be soon forgot the big shots that Knight took and made versus Princeton in the first round, when Kentucky could have easily ended their season on a disappointing note. The shot versus Ohio State when Aaron Craft could not have played better defense and Brandon Knight made the shot of his young basketball career.

Knight was everything that coach John Calipari wanted from a point guard. Sure, he wasn’t flashy or the quickest man to the paint but if you needed a basket Brandon Knight was the man to take it.

I don’t believe Knight should leave yet for the NBA but could you blame him? He will most likely never be a No.1 pick in the draft and will always float around being a lottery pick.

Do you risk another season at the college level to try and win a championship or do you leave for the NBA and not risk the injury?

Brandon Knight is not physically built big enough to be a tremendous NBA player, which is why I believe he should come back. If he comes back and puts a little bit more muscle on his body then he could maybe test the waters next year.

On the other hand we have Terrence Jones, the other tremendous freshmen with a ton of upside. The problem is that he is all upside. Since he had his coming out party during the Maui Invitational, he has been unable to perform in the big games. When he is matched up against more physical opponents he struggles.

Terrence Jones has little to gain from going to the NBA and everything to lose by making that decision. If he were to come back for another season it would help him greatly.

Unlike Brandon Knight, Terrence Jones has the ability to become the No.1 or 2 pick in the NBA draft. It just won’t be this season. He was far to inconsistent and disappeared many times during the season.

He is an athletic freak that could really use one more year in the college game. He will then have more time to develop an outside jumpshot and work on taking people off the dribble as well.

With the class that is coming in next season for the ‘Cats, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to be a part of the team.

Kentucky is already being projected by some, as the No.1 team in the country next season even without Knight and Jones. With them coming back to Lexington next season it would only solidify themselves as the country’s top basketball team. One thing is for certain, they will be a fun team to watch.


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