How Will New Sporting News-AOL FanHouse Deal Impact MMA Fans?

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I’ve been actively blogging for nearly five years now.  I still can recall with great fondness the first time I received a comment on my now defunct boxing blog that used to be on the Blogger platform.  Ah, the good ol’ days when any yahoo in his mother’s basement could spout off at any given topic with little to no fear of criticism, retaliation, or legal action. 

Granted, I am extremely proud of the various accolades and vertical moves I have been afforded given my ability to string two coherent sentences together while keeping an air of professionalism.  Still, if you are a fan of MMA and a fan of the interwebs then you are probably keenly aware that there seems to be close to a zillion blogs dedicated to the most awesome sport around, MMA. 

While increased exposure of mixed martial arts benefits the sport as a whole let’s not pretend that the vast majority of these fly-by-night fight blogs are horrible at best.  Not that Inside the Cage is the end all be all but’s let’s be frank, there are a ton of blogs out here that are suspect at best.  But, this post is not about them, this post is about the recent news surrounding the news that AOL Fanhouse has recently announced its intention to partner with The Sporting News.  Basically, what this means is that the popular AOL Fanhouse network of sports blogs will be rebranded under the banner of “Sporting News on AOL.” 

So what, you say.  Well, any MMA fan worth his salt is keenly aware that AOL Fanhouse is the home for one of the most influential and universally respected MMA sites on the planet.  Those of you who are familiar with our site know that we cite in copious amounts.  Not that we are trying to go the way of Deadspin, but rather there are very few bits of breaking MMA news that is not reported by MMA Fighting first.  The concern shared by many MMA fight fans is that will be given the ax given that The Sporting New’s archaic stance on sports journalism excludes covering the sport of mixed marital arts. 

But while the net has been ablaze with rumors of MMA Fighting demise (what do you expect during a slow MMA news cycle) the cadre of writers over at the site have stated that all indications point to remaining live with business running as usual.  In a post appearing on, Zak Woods further reinforces that fans of MMA Fighting have nothing to fear citing Graham James of AOL stating that MMA Fighting will continue to “remain a dedicated source of MMA news.” 

In my opinion I don’t see any changes to MMA Fighting.  Regardless of The Sporting News’ stance on not covering MMA, the fact remains that few sites in the world are as universally praised and accepted as MMA Fighting.  Obviously, this widespread recognition means not only access to the top tier players in the sport but also could spell advertising revenue and a voice in a demographic that is rapidly shying away from stick and ball sports.  So while all this speculation is fun to kick around on a slow Monday, let’s face the truth.  MMA Fighting is not going anywhere, thank God!


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