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NFL Week 3: Jacksonville Jaguars Blackout Problems?

As we all know, the Jacksonville Jaguars were blacked out a number of times last year. Various published reports have now confirmed that the Jacksonville Jaguars have about 1,000 tickets to sell to avoid a blackout.

Speaking to the media this afternoon, Maurice Jones-Drew tried to help.......

"All you guys should by a ticket. There's about 1,000 people here, there's usually like three.''

At the very least, it would appear that the NFL needs to revisit it's long standing rule of blacking out non sold out games in areas of the country that have been decimated from an economic standpoint.

The Big Lead had an excellent post last Friday on why the blackout rule is a crock, particularly at a time when the economy is weak and fewer fans can afford the NFL's pricey tickets. The post points out legislative efforts that are afoot in Ohio, Missouri and elsewhere to stop NFL blackouts.

As Tom Weir from USA Today points out,

"It's really a simple issue. Taxpayer dollars have been vital to paying for the epic wave of stadium construction that has transformed NFL revenue streams into tsunamis. The people who have paid the freight shouldn't have their Sundays viewing enjoyment hinge on whether there are people desperate enough to buy up the nosebleed section.

Right now, there's a substantial chunk of the fan base that's inclined to buy into the old argument that the players are overpaid millionaires. By emphasizing the blackout rule's unfairness the players can win friends and remind the public that the owners also can be over-gouging billionaires."- Brian James

Brian is an independent sports journalist covering major professional sports for over 25 years.

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