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Will Sara McMann Get a Shot at Ronda Rousey Any Time Soon?

Sara McMann (6-0) looks at the names who can be the first to challenge Ronda Rousey (6-0) for the UFC women's bantamweight championship and thinks there are bigger marquee fights out there than herself.

"From what I understand, there needs to be a proper buildup to a fight like that," said McMann on Inside MMA. "People don't really know me that well and they definitely know her, so it just doesn't make sense to have it without a strong following for me, too."

One thing both have in common is that their undefeated. Rousey has won all her fights in round one with an armbar submission. For McMann, half her fights have gone to a decision.

Despite McMann not showing signs of interest for the fight, her fans seems to think otherwise.

"Pretty much since the first time I said I was gonna be in MMA, people were like I heard Ronda Rousey is gonna be in it, you guys should fight," said McMann.

McMann's last fight for Strikeforce was cancelled and Rousey remains opponent-less for her first UFC title defense.

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