Will Michael Bisping Move Back to Light Heavyweight at Some Point?

Michael Bisping (22-4) had found success in the light heavyweight division, but is happy with his current spot as a middleweight. After winning The Ultimate Fighter, Bisping won three in a row before losing his first UFC fight as a light heavyweight in 2007. After the loss, he dropped to a middleweight.

Bisping is open to the idea of returning to the heavier division, but is content where he's at.

"I do think about it," said Bisping on MMA Weekly. "I was 15-1 at 205 pounds, but 185 pounds is where I should be right now."

Since becoming a middleweight, Bisping has gone 8-3. He returns to action at UFC 152 on September 22 against Brian Stann (12-4).

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