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Will LSU Win the SEC West Championship?

It’s been all but officially confirmed that the LSU Tigers will play for the BCS National Championship.

The far more intriguing question as it relates to LSU and the SEC West in general is: does this team have the best shot at capturing a division title?

Following their dominating 52-3 victory over the Mississippi Rebels, the Tigers have two challenges remaining – and both are fairly daunting. Next week, they’ll square off against the Arkansas Razorbacks – a team currently ranked 3rd in the nation. If they win that one, they get to play SEC East top dogs, the 9-2 Georgia Bulldogs.

Meanwhile, the Alabama Crimson Tide has a much simpler path, all things considered. Despite their 9-6 overtime loss to LSU a few weeks back, Nick Saban’s bunch is more or less the favorite to meet the Tigers in the BCS title game and only has to deal with the 7-3 Auburn Tigers in their next game.

Of course, the wild card in all this is Arkansas. If, somehow, the Razorbacks are able to upset the Tigers on Friday, a three-way 10-1 tie in the SEC West would emerge. And if a tie were to occur, the SEC West championship would ultimately be decided by the team ranked highest in the BCS standings released that week unless the second-highest rated team is five spots or less below the first. If that happens, the champ is decided by head-to-head match-ups.

Alabama defeated Arkansas 38-14 back in September, and of course they in turn got beaten by LSU a couple of weeks back. Then again, in our hypothetical LSU loses to Arkansas, which throws the whole thing back into a state of flummox with only the final margin remaining unknown.

It’s worth noting, however, that even if LSU were to beat Arkansas but then lose to Georgia, they could still face off in the BCS National Championship despite the fact that the Bulldogs would be the SEC champs.

Isn’t the BCS grand?

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