Will Lamar Odom Still Play for Team USA?

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Lamar Odom had an awful season with the Dallas Mavericks before eventually getting cut. Because of that, many wondered if Odom would play for Team USA in the London Olympics this summer.

According to USA Basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo, it's actually not out of the question that Odom could participate.

He says:

"I'm one who is willing to give someone a second chance," Colangelo said. "I would like to think he'd like to put this season behind him. His Dallas episode hurt his image.

"If he comes in and shows he can be a contributor, and his attitude is good and he wants to be here, why not? As far as USA Basketball is concerned, he's in the pool, and we'll see how it plays out."

It's good to see Odom have a chance. If he is brought in, he can immediately have some minutes off the bench; possibly playing center what with Dwight Howard's injury and with Andrew Bynum not playing.

We'll see what happens. Best of luck to Odom.

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