Will Greg McElroy be the New York Jets' Starting Quarterback Next Week?

With 4:48 remaining in the third quarter of the Cardinals vs. Jets game and the Cards winning 3-0, Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez was 10/21 for 97-yards with three interceptions… Rex Ryan had finally seen enough. With a resounding roar from the crowd at MetLife Stadium, a forceful cheer in unison resembling something that would happen if the Jets had actually won something, Sanchez was pulled in favor of third string quarterback/second string quarterback /new starting quarterback (?), Greg McElroy…

With Tim Tebow still battling broken ribs and inactive for today’s game, (by the way – they let Tebow suit up for last weeks Thanksgiving Day Massacre, go figure?) McElroy got the call when Sanchez faltered. McElroy finished the game 5/7 for 29 yards and a 1-yard TD pass to TE Jeff Cumberland on his opening drive. The quarterback substitution worked as the Jets went on to win the game 7-6. As for McElroy, he was at his best executing the “handoff play” as the Jets rushed the ball 43 times for 177-yards in the game.

After the game, in Rex Ryan’s post game press conference, Ryan refused to make a call on who his starting quarterback will be next week against Jacksonville. Will he go back to Sanchez? Will McElroy be the new kid in town? Will Tebow finally be given the opportunity to do something besides take part in a PR stunt? Tim Tebow must be doubting his faith this evening or at the very least has  to be wondering if Jesus was watching football today. How else does it work out that that the day Rex Ryan decides to put in the backup QB, he was inactive…

When Mark Sanchez was asked in his post game press conference if he thought that it was ironic he’s had to listen to questions every day since the day Tebow was traded for about the Christian boy wonder possibly taking his job and that the guy who might actually end up taking his job is McElroy, Sanchez responded, “I don’t know? I never thought about it. Actually that’s a good question.”

At 5-7 the New York Jets are definitely the most irrelevant team in the NFL to ever dominate the league in media headlines. Only in NY… Stay tuned!

Random Musings

The worst quarterback on the field today was actually Arizona’s Ryan Lindley. The rookie was 10/31 for 72 yards with one interception on the day and those stats are actually complimentary to what happened. Lindley was 0-15 on third downs and that’s probably the most polite, kind thing I can say about the young man (he does have parents you know…) as he routinely missed his receivers by five yards or more… Literally…

Lindley is overmatched at the NFL level. He’s simply not able to recognize coverages and routinely throws the ball in panic resulting in inaccurate passing. It’s quite unfathomable that Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt would leave Lindley in the game for the second week in a row. This time he not only started the kid, but he left him in for the entire game literally giving his team no chance to win. Seriously, the kid is lucky that he didn’t hurt one of receivers. Heck, he’s lucky he didn’t hurt himself!

I can’t imagine what the guys in the Arizona locker room must be thinking, particular Larry Fitzgerald who completely wasted his time and effort running his routes on every play. Either Lindley has naked pictures of Whisenhunt, or John Skelton was caught doinking a member of Whisenhunt family, but something going on there just isn’t kosher…

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