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Will Athletics, Tigers, Yankees, Rangers and Red Sox Make the Playoffs?

If the season ended right now, the 5 teams that would make the postseason in the AL would be the Red Sox, Yankees (WC), Tigers, Rangers, and A’s (WC). What are the chances they all make it to October? Here is my take:

Red Sox:

            When it comes to the AL East you could almost flip a coin and pick which 2 teams will make the postseason. However, the Red Sox have been the most consistent and are doing much better staying healthy than many expected. If they can keep up their good fortune—health wise—I am really starting to believe this team can win the East. I say yes.


            Out of all of the teams currently in line for the postseason in the AL, I have the least amount of faith in this team. Call me bias, but injuries, age, injuries, controversy, and injuries lead me to believe this team is going to slowly fade into a battle for 3rd/4th in the division. Also, I don’t have a whole lot of confidence in the back end of their rotation down the stretch. I say no.


            The Rangers have very quietly played to the tune of the 3rd best record in the MLB. The rest of the division behind the A’s has been extremely inconsistent, which leads me to believe this team will be able to snag a wild card at least. Darvish, Holland, and Ogando have turned out to be quite a nice front end of the rotation. I say yes.


            This roster? In this division? It would be an absolute catastrophic collapse if the Tigers were to lose the Central, especially to the Indians (don’t get me started). It’s really hard to find any holes in the lineup (1st in average) or rotation (2nd in quality starts). I say yes.


            I’ll admit there is a little bias here because I love watching this team play, but with everyone in the East beating up on each other and no other real threat in the Central (once again, don’t even get me started on the Indians) it’s hard to see this team finding a way NOT to get into the postseason. No huge strength in the rotation, but no real big weakness either. I say yes.

Feel free to tell me how wrong I am on twitter: @Cole_Stevenson


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