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Vikings Almost Got Rid of Childress, Kept Moss

There is some crap going down up in Minnesota, huh? Brad Childress can’t remotely feel like he has any job security at this point, can he? Not only has he done a pretty terrible job for someone who has been employed so long, but his handling of the Randy Moss situation apparently sent Zygi Wilf through the roof.

Childress, you’ll recall, decided that it was time to put the obnoxious wide receiver on waivers earlier this week. But when he did so, he didn’t tell anyone else on the team. As in…he didn’t run it by Chris Spielman or – more importantly – owner Zygi Wilf.

Photo Caption:“Something stupid.”

And a source tells ESPN‘s Ed Werder that Wilf was so pissed off, that he strongly considered keeping Moss and firing Childress on the spot.

Childress was asked on Friday about whether or not he feels like the team still has his back.

“My sense doesn’t make any difference,” Childress said. “You’d have to speak to him on that. We’ve always communicated very well and I haven’t seen any change on that.”

Communicated very well on matters that don’t involve cutting a guy that you just sent a third-round pick to New England for. Other than that? Our office doors are always open!

Childress has three years remaining on his contract, but unless something drastic changes up there, his ass is gone. He might not make it through the seasons if the losses mount up. Or if he cuts Bernard Berrian without telling anyone.


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