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College Basketball: Kentucky Falls to Florida

It just gets old after a certain point.

This is the fourth road game that we’ve lost by two points. This is the fourth road game that we’ve lost by two points that we could have won.

I’m tired of it.

I love UK and I have so much faith in this team but I just need a little something in return, a little reassurance that all of this faith isn’t misplaced.

We’re a talented team with two of the best players in college basketball and four other guys who’ve shown that they can take over a game. You’ll hear the typical lamentations: that we’re too young, that we don’t have a deep enough bench, that we don’t have a reliable interior presence, blah, blah, blah.

Out of all the games we’ve lost, we’ve had a good shot of winning late in every one of them played inside the continental United States. We have the talent and we have a coach competent enough to take advantage of it.

There were some grumbles from the ignorant minority of the fanbase about how Cal could only recruit and lacked the in-game abilities to be a true coach. I think that the success of the zone he employed during the second half should be enough to put those grumbles to rest, but it won’t. I’m a huge Cal supporter and I believe that when he gets enough of the good players he needs, young or not, it’ll be special.

Until then, we’ll have to prove that we’re better than two points losses on the road.

As far as the game went, the highlight for me was seeing the bench players come in and actually contribute in the first half no less. Hood with the bucket as time expired, Polson with two aggressive drives, regardless of their results, and Eloy with some strong rebounds and a nice putback as well as a spectacular defensive effort in anchoring the post were all highlights for me.

We lost the game in the first eight minutes of the second half but other than that painful stretch, devoid of any defense or offensive intensity, the play was decent especially considering the loud road environment.

Brandon Knight was exceptional in his homecoming, the only three he missed was the one he took at the end of the game for the win. That’s always the case though.

Terrence played well too, even though he took far too many threes. I want to shake him, look him in the eye and say, “They’re giving it to you for a reason. Save that for the NBA”. But, I can’t do that. Someone should though.

Josh, Darius and DeAndre played their typical minutes of late. Occasional flashes of nice play with far too many dumb fouls. It’s been said ad nauseam but one of these guys has to consistently step up or this team ain’t doing nothing.

Did anyone see Doron?

We need to finish a game on the road.

That’s all.

Go Cats.


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