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Percy Harvin Back with Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings welcomed back Percy Harvin after spending the night in the hospital after a migraine attack. Harvin has dealt with the headaches his entire life, and the most recent attack forced the wide receiver to collapse. His return to bright lights of the NFL stage has been put on hold for now. When he returns, NFL betting odds are sure to be in the Vikings favor.

Harvin was seen on the practice field wearing only a t-shirt and athletic shorts Friday. He shook hands, greeted his teammates, and did his best to reassure his teammates that he is indeed not in serious medical danger. The Vikings ended practice early after Harvin collapsed in a heap, a scene that affected several members of the team.

The former Florida Gator wide receiver has missed only a handful of games since the beginning of training camp due to the debilitating headaches. His head coach, Brad Childress, was excited to see his prized first-round draft pick from 2009 return to the field, but said the team’s approach is to take it slow concerning the headaches. Offshore sportsbooks are sure to favor the Vikings in 2010 if Harvin can stay healthy.

“He probably could’ve come over here and done some things today, except for the fact that they’ve got a couple tests that they want to finish with,” coach Childress said. “I don’t know that we’re going to solve that riddle immediately, and I don’t know that there’s any quick fixes. I think it’s just going to be a work in progress, and even though you’d like to stick it in a box and have it be fixed this way. History has told migraines aren’t that way.”

Childress continued to downplay the concern caused by the headaches. There are many causes for these types of headaches, and Harvin’s position is more likely prone to the attacks, though it is probably hereditary.

“He had a few last year that he dealt with and we dealt with, and if it was his first choice he’d [be] here for all the prep for every week,” Childress said. “But the fact is he has played well in games that he’s had a migraine the week of the game, and it just matters whether it’s a short one, a hard one, a two-day one and then what he was able to get out of the game plan.”

Migraines can last from four hours, up to 72 hours. Allergic reactions, bright lights, loud noises, odors, changes in sleep patterns, and physical or emotional stress have all been linked as causes. It’s not surprising that Harvin would experience headaches when experiencing the rigors of NFL training camp.

With Harvin back on the field, and the return of former MVP quarterback Brett Favre, Bodog sportsbook has set the Vikings among the favorites to win the NFC Championship at 11/2 odds. Their Super Bowl XLV line is set at 11/1.


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