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Why You Should be Happy for the Oklahoma City Thunder

I am very happy for the Thunder fans and the city of Oklahoma City. Oklahoma City isn't exactly as fancy as cities like Chicago, New York, and L.A. They don't have as many things going on there but they do have guys like Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden representing their city. Heck, probably representing their state. They have something to be proud of with this team.

And, yes, I am very aware HOW the Thunder got there. The city of Seattle and SuperSonics fans aren't, predictably, exactly thrilled about this. Kevin Durant was drafted by the Sonics. Durant is supposed to be their newfound sports hero. And OK City now has him because owner Clay Bennett masterminded a move to get out of Seattle.

I get that some Sonics fans don't want to root for the Thunder (of course, the team is no longer in Seattle!). But they shouldn't blame the players and the Oklahoma City fans. None of them chose the move; Clay Bennett and his underlings did (and David Stern). So when some Sonics fans throw vitriol towards Oklahoma City fans or, heck, even their players, I don't really understand that.

Kevin Durant, two years ago, even mentioned on Twitter he missed Seattle.

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But I do think, yes, the Sonics fans should continue to blame Clay Bennett. It was cruel for him to take 41 years of history away from a great NBA city. It was cruel for him to take Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook away. It was cruel for him that we won't get to see guys like Gary Payton retire their jerseys in Seattle.

So I understand that this is hard for Sonics fans to take; their old team is now going to the NBA Finals when that should've been Seattle's glory. But don't take away the happiness of the Oklahoma City fans and its players, who had nothing to do with the move.

It's just too bad for Seattle that if the Thunder win the title, Clay Bennett wins, too. Life is just not fair.

For more on the Sonics moving to Oklahoma City, check out SonicsGate.

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