Why Wasn’t Bills Running Back C.J. Spiller on the AFC Pro Bowl Roster?


The AFC Pro Bowl roster was announced yesterday.

Across the board, pretty much everything went as expected, especially at the running back position. Even during the preseason, anyone could have predicted the 3 running backs chosen would probably be: Ray Rice, Arian Foster, and Jamaal Charles.

Now, all three of those players have had great season and all are deserving of their selection. Nothing I am about to say is meant to take away from those guys or their accomplishments.

However, Bills RB C.J. Spiller has been the most explosive running back in the league this year and deserved to earn a trip to Hawaii.

C.J. Spiller leads all NFL running backs (who have had more than 40 carries) with an average of 6.5 yards per carry. Spiller also has 41 catches and has gained 387 yards on the ground and has 7 total TD’s.

Now, I understand the Spiller is not the only back that the Buffalo Bills feature, and that is really the ONLY reason he did not make the roster.

I don’t think that is right though.

After all, when Fred Jackson was out the last 2 weeks, Spiller ran for a combined 241 yards against pretty solid defenses in the Dolphins and Seahawks. Not to mention the fact that Jackson has ONLY averaged 3.8 yards per carry this season behind the same offensive line. 

That is over 2.5 yards per carry LESS than Spiller.

Also, consider the fact that the Bills have suffered 4 losses of 20 points or more. When a team is down that big it becomes very difficult to stick with a running game, so it is fathomable that Spiller might have received more carries and had numbers much more similar to the same backs that were chosen instead of him.

Like I said, I understand why the 3 who were chosen, were chosen, its just a shame that Spiller didn’t get recognized for such a productive, consistent, and explosive season.

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