Why is Tim Tebow Being Blamed for the Jets' Struggles?


The unnamed cowardly teammate whom the Daily News identified as a defensive starter was certainly blunt yesterday in reference to Tim Tebow: “He’s terrible,” was the quote.

At least Matt Slauson had the balls to own up to his opinion. And while we don’t actually know who it was that threw Tebow under the bus, we’re sure that whoever it was isn’t any good himself; because the New York Jets don’t have anyone good on defense – or on offense, or on special teams, or on the coaching staff, or in the front office… I don’t want to rag on the Jets cheerleaders but the Jets Flight Crew? Meh…


Was Tebow terrible when his 20-yard touchdown run with 58 seconds left capped a 95-yard drive giving the Broncos a 17-13 victory over your sorry ass last season? DOH!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that Tim Tebow is an All-Pro quarterback or even a quality starting quarterback, that’s not my point. My point is the Jets are not 3-6 because of Tebow. The guy barely even plays. In fact, for the most part when he is on the field his contribution has been a positive one. The Jets are 3-6 because they suck!

The Mike Tannenbaum / Rex Ryan regime has failed to field a roster that can consistently win games. Injuries are no excuse; every team has to deal with them. Anyone who wants to use the losses of Darrelle Revis and Santonio Holmes as an excuse is an NFL moron. Where are the skill position players on offense? Mark Sanchez is having an awful year no doubt, but to be fair, exactly what star players does he have to throw the ball or hand it off to? Are there any kids asking their parents to buy them jerseys of Jets receivers or running backs out there? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Santonio Holmes is the team’s second leading receiver with 20 catches and 272 yards. Holmes played in just four games and has been out for eight weeks!

With just minutes to go in the Patriots game, driving to put the game away inside the redzone, Sanchez hit Stephen Hill square in the facemask with the ball as the ball went right through Hill’s hands. The Jets had the game won if Hill caught the ball! Even when Sanchez does make a play, the Jets receivers can’t catch it! And the three or four times Sanchez has gotten into a rhythm and started to move the ball, they took him off the field in the middle of a successful drive to run the wild cat! The Jets best offensive skill position player is who exactly? Jeremy Kerley? Based on production that’s who it is. Is there another team in the NFL who has an offensive cast of skill players as pedestrian as the Jets?

The Mike Tannenbaum / Rex Ryan talent picking tandem are now in their fourth year together. In four years they couldn’t fine even one lineman or linebacker that could rush the passer? Bryan Thomas leads the team in sacks with 2.5. The entire defense (that’s 11 guys on the field at once) has just 16 sacks on the season. J.J. Watt in Houston has 10.5 by himself! Safeties Yeremiah Bell and LaRon Landry are first and third on the team in tackles with 47 and 45 respectively (LB David Harris has 45). These are two guys who the majority of the time line up 15-20 yards off the ball! I’m not a defensive coordinator, but I know it’s not a good thing when your leading tacklers are the guys furthest away from the line of scrimmage. Even as team leaders, between them they have just 91 tackles. Jerod Mayo in New England has 91 tackles himself and Chad Greenway in Minnesota has 99!

The coaching staff has failed miserably from top to bottom. Mike Westhoff has been a special teams genius in the league for more than 25 years and all of a sudden they are getting punts and kicks blocked and are below average on special teams. And then there’s Rex, the self proclaimed defensive guru. 72% of the teams in the NFL have given up less points than the Jets who are 24th in the league out of 32 teams giving up 25.3 points per game. WTF!

Now here comes the interesting part. They couldn’t wait to run Brian Schottenheimer out of town. (To be fair, I didn’t like him as the offensive coordinator either.) But they replaced him with a guy who is as inept as they come! Sands Arizona and Jacksonville, there isn’t a worse offensive team in the league! Scoring just 19.4 points per game, the Jets average 302.7 total yards per game (that’s running and passing combined). There are six quarterbacks in the league who put up that production by themselves!

The Jets are going to face Schottenheimer this weekend in St. Louis. How bad do you think he wants to stick it to Ryan and company? If he has a fake punt-fumbleruskie-quadruple reverse-hook and lateral play in his playbook, you can be sure he’s going to run it on Sunday.

Tim Tebow may or may not be terrible, but the Jets suck. I’m embarrassed to be a fan. I wish I wasn’t and I could just switch to another team, but I can’t. As a Jets fan, the only solace I have is this. I was here before these clowns got here and I’ll be here after they leave…


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