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Steve Spurrier Won't Go Back to Florida

Gamecock Nation knew yesterday as soon as the news broke that Urban Myers was stepping down as Florida's head coach that the rumors would start flying around that Spurrier was headed back to Gainesville. Well this morning the gave you 10 reasons why Spurrier should go back to Florida. 

Friend of LOHD " The Captain" wrote a rebuttal to those 10 reasons and asked me to post it on LOHD. So below you will find what The Captain had to say.

10 Reasons Why Steve Spurrier will not/SHOULD not take position at UF if offered…In response to

I must admit this thought does make me a little nervous as there are some valid reasons in support of taking the potential offer at Florida. However after thinking about it and getting back up from Moose at Leftover Hotdog I have come up with a response as to why staying at Carolina is the better move for Spurrier.

  1. This season alone Spurrier accomplished goals that no coach in the HISTORY (let that sink in), History of South Carolina football, has been able to accomplish. There is much to hang his visor on this year, and it is not over.
  2. Even bigger, and I know this is thrown around a lot in Gamecock Nation, but next year looks even brighter for the team, coaching staff, and the Carolina fatithful. We have the backbone of our team returning, and have an impressive batch of talent headed this way in 2011. Hopefully, the number one overall recruit in the country, Jadeveon Clowney (fingers crossed/breath held), will top this off. Spurrier has built this house and there is no reason for him to leave just before the shingles are nailed down.
  3. MARCUS LATTIMORE….no more needs to be said, but I will add a side note anyhow. This is the HBC’s miracle child. Why would one think about leaving when you compromised your lack of dancing ability to CHA CHA through the living room of the Byrnes HS phenom we have come to cherish here in such a short time. Things are looking great and Spurrier wants to see them through.
  4. ALSHON…again no more needs to be said, but I will again add my two cents. Numbers don’t lie and they will only get better. Alshon is adding some pretty prestigious awards to his fireplace mantle this Christmas. He is bigger, stronger, faster, and more physical than ever. This too will only grow in the off season. 
  5. GARCIA….big reason for staying, as he has come such a long way under the HBC’s guidance. Steven has matured tremendously over the course of this season alone. From being pulled the fourth quarter in Auburn to the SECCG he has turned 180 degrees. There is still a little work to be done, but with some polish this diamond will shine. He is really running the offense Coach Spurrier wants him to and has turned into a great leader for this team.
  6. Coach Elliot and the offensive line are another big reason for Spurrier to hang around. This was a great addition to the coaching staff by Spurrier and one to be proud of. Coach Elliot is going to take this unit to new heights, and that trip began early this season with the destination still not in sight. I am personally excited to see where it goes , and I am sure Coach Spurrier is as well.
  7. Ellis Johnson is a great DC, although some of his decisions this year have been questionable, he is still an asset to this program. Coach Spurrier and EJ will work together in the off season to turn this defense into a well oiled machine. I know we are lacking in some key positions, but I feel strongly that the majority of our problem stem from missed assignments, bad technique, and just straight up being lost at times. These problems are very fixable. We have the athleticism to be a wrecking ball on defense. Spurrier realizes this and I think wants to hang around to see the total package come together as we already have the potential to blow the world away.
  8. Money is not a concern of the HBC. The UF can throw out what ever figure they want, but that is not going to be the driving force in a decision to leave Carolina. In fact if others would do a little research they would know that Spurrier was offered much more than her is taking, but informed the school a salary that high was unnecessary. VERY RESPECTABLE!
  9. Golf and retirement are not far out. This was pointed out and is something everyone is aware of. With that being said, it is not a reason to leave for the UF only to leave them high and dry again. His home in FL and the golf courses will still be there when his coaching career is over.
  10. Last, but not least I am going to leave you with a great point made by Moose at LOHD.  He HAS been there and done that at UF. He has nothing else to prove there. While this is still his Alma Mater, and is near and dear, he has accomplished all he has set out to accomplish with them. It is someone elses turn. Furthermore, why would you risk going back to a place you left the best it has ever been, to take a chance on leaving a second time with hopes and desires. It doesn’t make since to Moose, it doesn’t make sense to me, and I definitely don’t think it makes much sense to the HBC.

These are just a few of The Captains thoughts as to why Spurrier will not entertain the idea of returning to the University of Florida and the Swamp. He has built a great thing here in Columbia, and he is ready to reap what he has sewn. Now lets look forward to NYE and knocking off another ACC team.  GO COCKS!!!


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