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Sports Vital for LGBT Young People

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Here is a great story of success for a high school gay wrestler.

Jaime’s story illustrates why making high school athletics safe for students of all sexual orientations and gender identities is so important. If you are a lonely or isolated young person, if you are a closeted or questioning young person, participation on school sports team with a coach and teammates who believe in respect and support for everyone on the team can save a life.

Jaime’s story also shows the importance of coaches as role models, whether they are gay or straight.

Here are some questions for coaches: How would an athlete on your team know that you are someone who she or he can talk to about being gay? Would you be prepared to listen to and support an athlete like Jaime on your team? Since coaches set the tone for what kind of climate is created on their teams, what kind of climate do you set on your team for LGBT athletes?

Thanks, Roger, for the story and for being the coach and role model you are.


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