Fan Reaction: LeBron, Heat Represent Everything Wrong with NBA


By by Marco Radenkovich

There are plenty of reasons as to why the NBA is absolute trash.  I'll list some of them.  Feel free to add your own. 

1. Dancing - It's everywhere.  LeBron James dancing on the sideline, dancing after he makes a shot, dancing on stage with Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade on their introduction to Miami.  It's nuts.  It's not cool, you look like an a-hole.   And don't use some BS that "they can do whatever they want, because they're that good."  No they can't.  They still look like a-holes.  And if you like it, Dancing with the Stars - ABC at 8 ET.  Even Michelle Obama thinks dancing is part of the goddamn sport!

2. LeBron James - See above.  Whine some more, Baby Bron Bron.  Find one Miami Heat foul that he didn't whine about.  

3. Officiating - The referees single handedly are altering the series.  The game is NOT called the same for every player.  The fact that you can say "(Insert Superstar) has earned those calls over the years," is a joke.  The game should be called fair for both teams.  It clearly hasn't been in the Bulls Heat series.  Noah's charge on Haslem, Boozer's finishes inside, Derrick not getting calls at the rim (BUT HE'S THE MVP, ISN'T HE SUPPOSED TO GET CALLS?)  Over and over, the Bulls had to play five on nine - Heat plus the refs and Stern.

4. David Stern - He's Vince McMahon Jr.  Honestly, he controls every game.  I know sports are a business, and for me even to think that's not true is my fault.  I shouldn't be that naive and neither should you.  The NBA has put Good vs. Evil in this playoffs.  The Bulls are everything that is great about sports.  Humble players, leaders on and off the court, as well as a great coach.  The Evil are the Heat, the team that came together to win 7 championships.  Game 1 got 11.5 million viewers.  Games 2, 3 and 4 got similar numbers.  The longer you keep the Heat in the series and in the playoffs, the longer people are going to watch and be interested.  So keep the game within the Heat's reach and you're in good shape.  Game 2's second quarter, and all of game 4 were so incredibly one-sided.

Shaq, I couldn't have said it better myself.

What David Stern doesn't realize is that his ass is going to lose a LOT of fans after this playoffs.  The NBA was back, and he took control.  Now look at it?  A lot of people are going to go back to watching other things, like Dancing with the Stars.  Just as fixed, same story lines.  I hope they lock out next year just so he can't get his greedy freaking hands on any of his money.  What a fool.

5. LeBron James - Who really refers to themselves as the King?  "What should I do?"  I think you should go screw yourself, LeBron.

6. Money

7. Greed

Feel free to add in the comments.

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