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Why Does Celebrating Drew Brees Mean Bashing Dan Marino?

Everywhere you turned Monday night after the New Orleans Saints 45-16 trouncing of the Atlanta Falcons there was a Drew Brees love fest. The NFL media world was abuzz with everything from what a great players he is, to what a great teammate he is, and what a great guy he is.

One segment of the NFL population you didn’t hear kind words about Brees from however was the retired NFL veterans who were looking for some relief with regard to their pension and health benefits as part of the new NFL CBA. As an outspoken union representative prior to the NFL lockout, Brees took on these veterans requesting aid head on with a flat out reply of, “NO, you aren’t getting a piece of the new NFL pie.” That’s a stance that many retired NFL athletes, particularly ones who gave their body and soul to make the game what it is today won’t forgive him for.

While the bitter NFL retirees took the high road and let Brees have his day in the sun, some members of the media decided not to flaunt over Drew Brees’ accomplishment, but to bash Dan Marino!

I’m not quite sure how anyone can justifiably bash Dan Marino. We all know the argument; he never won a Super Bowl. You can use that argument in any sport with many of its great players. You’ll hear people say that Ted Williams wasn’t an all-time great because he never won a World Series. That one is probably the most obscene misuse of the “he never won a championship” argument.

As a lifelong New York Jets fan long before Marino ever put on a Miami Dolphins uniform going back to before the Mud Bowl, I have a hard time speaking fondly of the guy as he suppressed my team time and time again. But truth be told, he was an NFL great and there’s no denying that. As an opponent, my perception of him was always that if you gave him the ball with a chance to win the game, it was a foregone conclusion that the Dolphins would win.

Check out the tweets from NFL writer Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post last night just as the game ended. It absolutely amazes me that in celebrating Brees’ accomplishment that he felt that he had to put Marino down.

Bart Hubbuch (@NYPost_Hubbuch)
12/26/11 11:42 PM
Sorry, I can’t get over this fact: Marino = 0 Super Bowl wins. He never really got close, either.

Bart Hubbuch (@NYPost_Hubbuch)
12/26/11 11:58 PM
Not only did Marino never win a SB (& lost only trip by 22 points), but was 8-10 in postseason w/56% completion rate. That’s statue worthy?

Bart Hubbuch (@NYPost_Hubbuch)
12/26/11 11:59 PM
If Dan Marino’s postseason numbers merit a statue, then Tom Brady should be chiseled into Mount Rushmore.

Bart Hubbuch (@NYPost_Hubbuch)
12/27/11 12:49 AM
When do they build a second Marino statue to commemorate him going out with a 62-7 playoff loss?

Bart may have been trying to boost Brees by diminishing Marino, but taking digs at Marino just made it seem like Brees’ accomplishment couldn’t stand on its own merit. To be honest, I think he did Brees a disservice…

Bart, really…. You couldn’t find one nice thing to say about the NFL Legend who’s record Brees broke? It’s almost like you never saw Marino take a snap. Seriously, in the era that Marino played, exactly how many quarterbacks were there that you can unequivocally say were better than Marino? Can you count them on one hand? C’mon Bart.

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