Why Does Amir Khan Bother Talking About Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather?

In the month since Manny Pacquiao’s mildly-controversial win over Juan Manuel Marquez, one of the most hilarious things has been Amir Khan’s awkward reaction to everything that has transpired.

Khan, of course, famously came out in the days following Pacquiao’s victory and blasted his so-called friend for underperforming. He suggested that perhaps it was time for the Filipino champion to retire, and admitted that he wasn’t sure if the current No. 2 pound-for-pounder had a shot against Floyd Mayweather Jr. And, while nobody was looking, he also snuck in some tidbits regarding getting the better of his “friend” during their sparring sessions.

Most attributed Khan’s ridiculous outburst of negativity towards Pacquiao as being the byproduct of the latter’s camp saying they didn’t want to spar against him anymore. Really, though, it probably had more to do with Khan getting emboldened by what he perceived to be Pacquiao weakening in stature after the fight versus Marquez.

A few weeks after his initial statements, Khan hilariously came out and denied that he ever bashed Pacquiao. He shamelessly tried to backpedal and say that the media was creating a controversy that didn’t exist. This is nonsense, clearly, given that Khan’s own words were used to point out that he was in fact bashing Pacquiao. There was no media creation – just a pointing out of reality.

[Reminder:“I’m going to tell Manny to consider retirement and not go on too long. He has some serious thinking to do – he was lucky and he got away with it against Márquez." - Amir Khan]

Either Khan doesn’t understand the basic concept of bashing someone, or he thinks that if you refer to the target of your scorn as a friend while you’re bashing them then it’s okay. Regardless, he did bash Pacquiao.

These days, in an effort to stay out of the controversy, Khan is trying to limit his criticism of Pacquiao. Even still, the poor guy still can’t bring himself to acknowledge that Pacquiao would beat Mayweather in a potential super fight.

"I don't think Manny's fading - his last fight [Marquez] was tough but that's boxing for you," Khan told sportinglife.com. "As I always say, if you're going to go in a shower you're going to get wet, if you're going to go in a boxing ring you're going to get hit. Predicting the outcome of that fight [Manny v Floyd], is too hard to call, but everyone wants to see it and I hope it happens."

Here’s a word of advice for Khan: just stop talking about Pacquiao. Do you. Focus on your own achievements, and stop trying to piggybank on the Filipino champ’s fame in an effort to secure headlines. It’ll only get you in trouble.

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