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Why Do We Need Women at Augusta National?

So women are upset because they can't play at Augusta National Golf Club.  I'm as liberated of a conservative moderate as they come.  Seriously.  I'm all for equal rights for women, gays, minorities, and anyone else who isn't getting the same protection of basic human rights as the rest of us.  But since when is admittance into a private country club considered a basic human right?  Warren Buffet, who is a member of the club, says he'd allow women in if it were up to him. of the world's richest men wants to have women around while he participates in a game and place that celebrates his massive wealth.  Not surprising.

If the good ol' boys at Augusta National Golf Club want to keep their membership exclusively limited to carbon based lifeforms with a y-chromosome, then what's the big deal?  Why are women so interested in hanging out with these sagging white socks in hideous trousers?

I can understand men wanting to gain entrance to women's only gyms, or women's only tea parties, or women's only strip clubs...oh, wait...maybe not that one.  But what is this preoccupation of groups - who would otherwise have no interest in spending time with walking douchebags - making a legal case out of doing so?

I don't feel lessened because I'm not allowed to join the Girl Scouts.  My civil rights haven't been trampled because my application for the NAACP wasn't green-lighted.  And certainly I don't feel like my human rights are under attack because I can't sit in the steam room at my local "Curves" gym. (OK, so maybe I feel a little emasculated by that one)

Augusta National is a private club, and they should be more than welcome to limit their membership to men only if that is their decision.  Is it a fiscally sound, or publicly popular stance? Absolutely not. But it is their club. Not ours.  Our tax dollars don't pay for the grounds keeping or the vendors.  They don't dip into public coffers to make sure that the salmon are just so fresh.  And nobody is sitting on the fences with stun guns or sniper rifles loaded with riot control bullets, picking off females that dare to even approach the sacred gates.  They just want to play in their own clubhouse. "No girls allowed"  It goes back to adolescence, as do most of the members there. 

There are some places that should be just for men, and some that should be just for women.  Despite our ongoing desire to pretend like men and women should be lumped together in a cosmic puree, the truth is we are very different, and having places (and times) to celebrate those differences are a big part of what keep us from a sexual civil war.  And it keeps the element of curiosity about what the other sex does and says when they are alone at it's peak.  

So please - ladies, ACLU representatives, lawmakers - just let sleeping dogs lie.  Ultimately, nobody is being damaged by the membership of the Georgia chapter of the "He Man Woman Haters Club", so just cross the street and nod.  Sometimes, change isn't for the better.

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