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Why Do People Pretend that Timothy Bradley Deserved to Beat Manny Pacquiao?

Nearly five months after the fact, there is still a debate raging regarding whether Timothy Bradley truly defeated Manny Pacquiao or not. Despite the fact that the end result of this bout has been almost universally panned by writers, fans and many boxers, a select few continue to hold on to the ridiculous idea that Bradley actually deserved his victory.

These precious few always note the same thing: if you turned off the sound and just watched the fight as it happened, you would think that Bradley won. It’s an absolutely ludicrous argument – any which way you want to look at it. Turn off the sound. Turn off the lights. Hide your head under the covers. It doesn’t matter. None of that will change the facts. And the facts, according to CompuBox, are as follows: Pacquiao landed more total punches (in 10 out of 12 rounds, no less) and more power punches, and he did both with a better efficiency. These are facts – not opinions. They are not impacted by announcer bias or anything of that sort.

Yes, Pacquiao did coast until the final portion of every round before taking control; if Bradley had fought an even halfway decent match, maybe he could have capitalized on that. But he didn’t. The only fault anyone can pick with Pacquiao’s showing this June is that he didn’t knock Bradley out. The latter was hobbled and begging to be put out of his misery and, for whatever reason, Pacquiao just couldn’t do it.

During a recent interview with the good folks at Boxing Scene, trainer Naazim Richardson once again said that Pacquiao didn’t beat Bradley that badly. And, once again, he cited the same facts that all the critics always use.

“Everybody is harsh on Tim Bradley. Everybody [is saying] 'they robbed Pacquiao, they robbed him,’” he said.

“Timmy worked hard and put himself in position to fight a fight, where at the end of the fight if you really turn the commentary off and watch the fight......and not say 'ooh and ahh' every time Pacquiao shakes his hair and say [to yourself] 'Pacquiao is doing something.' Just watch the fight. There are things that both of them can say they didn't do.”

Again, announcer bias doesn’t impact punch count. It doesn’t impact punch efficiency. It doesn’t impact aggressiveness. It’s just an excuse.

It’s amazing that five months after the fact, we still can’t all come together and acknowledge reality.

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