Why Did Seton-La Salle Basketball Coach Dennis Squeglia Step Down After an Undefeated Season?

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Five months ago, Seton-La Salle girl's basketball coach Dennis Squeglia led his team to a perfect season. Over the last two years he’s racked up a whopping 57 victories and only three losses. Next season he was expecting to have four of his starters return – something that all but guaranteed they’d have a legitimate shot at another title.

By all accounts, he was and would have continued to be a very, very successful high school girl’s basketball coach.

Which makes his sudden and really mysterious decision to resign all the more weird. As first reported by the Post-Gazette:

Only five months after guiding the Seton-LaSalle High School girls basketball team to a perfect season, coach Dennis Squeglia has resigned.

Squeglia informed Seton-LaSalle of his decision late last week, but Squeglia declined to discuss the reasons for his resignation. He said only in a text message that he was "advised" not to comment. Seton-LaSalle athletic director John Ashaolu also declined comment.

You always want to give people the benefit of the doubt, however, when people do weird things and then refuse to comment on them, it’s almost impossible not to assume the worst. Here’s to hoping that this turns out to be nothing – but that’s probably not what the smart money is on. 

(Kudos Post-Gazette, Yahoo! Sports)

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