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Why Did Florida Look So Bad vs. Louisville?

Two days ago, we reviewed the work of Vanderbilt, LSU, Mississippi State, Georgia, and South Carolina in their respective bowl games.  All were reviewed on a scale of one to five Steven Seagal's Songs from the Crystal Cave because it is a piece of music against which all others should be judged.

Today, Florida steps into the spotlight alone, much like Florida fans in certain Florida sections of the Superdome Wednesday night.

Louisville 33, Florida 23
Basically, this was the highlight of the night for Florida:

The rarely seen blue jersey and orange pants look, which was last worn in a 1999 loss to Florida State.  After the team put on their senior-chosen uniforms and admired the look, they left the locker room where things immediately went NOT GOOD. 

A Jeff Driskel interception returned for a touchdown on the first play of the game, a failed onside kick to open the second half, which drew not one, but TWO personal foul penalties on Florida, INCLUDING an ejection, two more Driskel turnovers, and nine penalties for 98 yards.  It was all there in disastrous form.

The good news is that Will Muschamp's pointing technique with his play sheet, or possibly a list of everyone on the team who got a personal foul this year, including the sideline in the Sugar Bowl, was as sharp as ever.

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