Why is Condoleezza Rice Being Admitted to Augusta National Such a Big Deal?


You’d think if she was such a notable golfer there would be more visual evidence of Condoleezza Rice on a golf course, but extensive research led me only to this video. Her swing (cock those wrists, Condy!) is the first one featured in this video, and then it’s never shown again. So unless you like watching Nick Saban sign autographs or Fred Couples putt left-handed, you should just kill the video after Ms. Rice finishes her follow through.

Some people are outraged about Condy’s admission to Augusta National, as if it is somehow going to make a difference in any aspect of anything. Who cares? I realize that Augusta did fold under the pressure “of the bayonets,” as big fat Hootie Johnson would say, but is it really a big deal? Since I’m not going to be playing Augusta any time soon (Billy Payne will not answer my calls), and Condoleezza Rice isn’t likely to qualify for the Masters, what’s the issue?

I guess if I was some old curmudgeon who was a member at Augusta I’d be a little pissed off at the prospect of making my through Amen Corner only to find out that Condy has taken 11 shots to get out of a greenside trap and is now holding up the whole course, but that’s really the only problem I can point to. I’m sure she has her own locker room to change in, and even so, I think she might have a penis. So either way, no harm done.

There’s really no reason to applaud Augusta (I mean, they’ve been an outright sexists club for 80 years) and there’s no reason to be angry at them either (they just decided to stop being sexist). Just take it for what it is and move on. Martha Burk can chalk this one up as a victory for women and go ride around town in her pantsuits screaming at every man who holds a door open for a lady, and the rest of us will wonder what Condy’s handicap is and forget about the whole thing in a few months.

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