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Why Can't College Football Stop Associating with the Bowls?

College football conference commissioners continue to work behind the scenes to fix college football’s postseason. And by fix, we mean fix.

According to, the leading proposal is for semifinal games to be played in “floating bowl sites.” In other words, conferences would be linked to bowls and whichever seed was higher would host the semifinal game at its associated bowl. Apparently, the more logical, equitable and profitable choice of playing semifinal games on the campus of the higher seeds is dead.

College football just can’t end its association with the bowls.

The situation is even more frustrating considering that only the Rose Bowl is guaranteed to have a conference tie-in after 2014, when the new system would start. All the other conference-bowl tie-ins are not guaranteed past 2014. In other words, now is the time to end the association with the bowls (save the Rose Bowl).

Again, and this cannot be emphasized enough, if college football allows its two semifinal games to go to the bowls in what are essentially no-bid contracts, Congress should immediately investigate. Hundreds of millions of dollars that could go to schools and universities will instead be going to the bowl organizations. WHY?

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