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Why Can't Barry Bonds Just Go Away?

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Did anyone else get a chance to read the AP story on Barry Bonds about the fact that he accepts the fact that he’s a convicted felon? Boy am I steamed. What planet is this guy on? I wish he would just go away. Does he think we are all fools? Check out this quote…

”Do I have any regrets? What happened happened. It’s there. It is what it is. I live with it. I’m a convicted felon for obstruction of justice, and that’s who I am. I live with it.” Bonds said at the Diamondbacks-Giants game. ”I went through the system. And that’s what it is. And that’s what I got. I went through the system. I’m in an appeal process right now. I was never convicted of steroids.”

You were never convicted of steroids? Barry, O.J. wasn’t convicted of murder and trees that fall in the woods do in fact make a sound even though no one is there to hear them.

In 1986, Bonds’ weight was listed at 185 lbs. He was listed at 206 lbs in 1997; 228 lbs in 2001; and at 236 lbs in 2007. First of all, when Bonds first came up with the Pirates he was so light that they inflated his weight so he didn’t appear to be a scrawny kid. Then in his later years he was so heavy they shaved pounds off his weight so as to not draw attention to the steroid use. Giants’ sources universally agree that 236 pounds was at least 20 pounds below his actual weight. Now he claims that he’s 212 lbs because he’s into cycling? I’m guessing that no longer taking steroids has nothing to do with his weight loss…

Look at the picture in the link to the story I provided above; his head shrunk! Is anyone going to suggest that cyclists are known for having small heads? Pu-lease…

If the San Francisco Giants give this jerk a job, it will be like sanctioning his steroid use. Go away Barry, Go away… Just jump into the bay. Go away…

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