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Why are the Falcons Trying to Demolish a 20-Year-Old Stadium?

We frequently advise you to check out, run by the incomparable Neil deMause, and his last two posts on the Atlanta Falcons stadium situation are especially maddening.

As we’ve previously told you, Falcons owner Arthur Blank is forcing Atlanta (if they want to, you know, keep the Falcons) to build him a new stadium because he’s not earning enough luxury seating revenue from the current 20-YEAR-OLD Georgia Dome.

Well, recently the New York Times asked Blank about the situation and the owner admitted that the Dome remains functional. However, he said, “We need a long-term solution to keep the Falcons competitive in terms of the fan experience.”

According to the Times, he was “alluding to attracting fans to games despite the rise of technology that makes viewing a game on TV at home an immersive experience.”

So as a result, the Atlanta public is now going to kick in what deMause now reports could be $400 million or more. Here’s deMause’s take on the whole thing:

So there’s your answer: It’s for the fans. You know, the fans who overwhelmingly say they don’t want pay for this thing. But they don’t really know what they want, because if given the choice they’d stay home and watch on their big-screen TVs rather than pay big bucks to go to the game… okay, wait, they do know what they want, which is why we have to have them pay tax money to help build a new stadium to lure them into going to the game and paying even bigger bucks when they don’t want to, because otherwise we’d have to get them to the game by lowering ticket prices or something, and, and…

The insanity continues…Will anybody in Atlanta stand up to Blank?

Please check out deMause’s two original posts here:

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