Who’s Next for Manny Pacquiao? Mayweather? Marquez?


Manny Pacquiao sleepwalked his way to a 14th consecutive victory on Saturday night, earning anything but a hard-fought win over ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley.

Never challenged and seemingly bored throughout the match, Pacquiao got a lopsided decision that probably would have been a knockout if the Filipino star actually cared about giving it his all against such an inferior opponent (or if Mosley actually fought back).

With yet another dominating win against an overmatched once-upon-a-time-great in the books, Pacquiao and his Top Rank handlers will search the land for the next great payday fight.  

Obviously, if God exists and happens to be a fan of boxing, Pacquiao will sign a deal to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. Somehow, the pair will find a way to put aside their differences, brush away the undefeated champion’s legal issues and get on the same page regarding the match of the century.

Of course, that’s just a pipedream and likely won’t happen anytime soon.

The most likely opponent for Pacquiao’s next beating is Mexican star Juan Manuel Marquez. The pair has quite a storied history, with many arguing that the latter should have won at least one of their two fights in 2004 and 2008. A lot of fans were hoping to see these two offer the third installment of their feud a little while back, when Marquez was fresher and actually had a shot at beating Pacquiao.

Now, Pacquiao and Arum will likely take the next few days off, count their money and party with Paris Hilton. Then, when the hype dies down and each has bought themselves a new car, they’ll come out and announce who the next poor, in-over-his-head punching bag will be.


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