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Who Will Coach the Knicks Next Season?

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As part of their gameday preview I answered some questions for Raptors Republic. You can read the full text here. Thanks to Sam for asking me to participate.

Here’s what I said about who the next coach of the Knicks will be:

Sam: Who’s going to be coaching the Knicks next season?
Jon: It’s not easy to say at this point. There’s buzz here in New York that Phil Jackson is going to be the next anointed savior to take 40 or so million dollars of owner Jim Dolan’s money and try to turn this Knicks squad from lemons to lemonade. Color me skeptical, though.

More likely, the Knicks throw a bunch of cash at a big-name coach with lesser bona fides than Phil like John Calipari or Nate McMillan. I suppose the Van Gundy brothers could be in this mix as well if Dwight axes Stan or if Jeff and Dolan decide to kiss and make up.

And, of course, we shouldn’t discount the possibility that Woodson gets the gig permanently, at least not until he loses a game.

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