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Who Takes the Longest HR trot?

I saw this over at TYU and wanted to share it with you guys. It's an article from The Wall Street Journal about the time it takes certain Yankees to round the bases on a homer.

To determine which Yankees are the slowest to circle the bases during their home-run trots, Take a Number clocked how long every 2009 home run took. The average for current Yankee starters with at least 10 home runs last year is 22.1 seconds—all of Mr. Rodriguez's home-run trots were slower than that.

The average home-run time in the majors is 21.89 seconds, according to Marquette University data coordinator Larry Granillo. As a team, the Yankees are the 12th-fastest, edging the Mets by two-tenths of a second.

Outfielder Curtis Granderson is the fastest Yankee at 18.81 seconds, but that's partly because many of his home runs barely leave the yard—he runs quickly because he doesn't know where the ball will end up.

Here's a picture they posted to go along with their article:

Can't really blame Alex for being at the top. Most of his are no doubters, so he really doesn't need to run hard out of the box.

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