Pacquiao or Mayweather: Who's Ducking Whom?

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After witnessing  the destruction of the durable and game (but slow) Antonio Margarito at the hands of Manny “PacMan” Pacquiao, I just can’t help but add to the murmurs now pervading the sweet science and media. People are clamoring for Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. to man up and step in the ring with the distinguished gentleman from Saranggani Province Philippines.

We have been shouting at the top of our lungs that this is the very fight boxing needs, but all the response we got from the former “pretty boy”  Mayweather is silence, which is disconcerting. This is the same man who ran his mouth as fast as he could punch -- or maybe quicker -- and now won't say a word.

What can we get from his silence? Nothing.

Debates have been raging like wildfire about who is ducking who. Most writers contend that Manny Pacquiao refused the Mayweather camp's requirement to undergo Olympic style drug testing. Therefore, the Filipino allowed the negotiation to fail.  

That contention is a fallacy; Manny did not refuse the drug testing. During the first round of negotiations, Manny agreed to be tested but with a time table the Mayweather camp wouldn't agree to. During the second negotiations, Manny agreed to the drug testing but the Mayweather camp decided that no negotiation actually took place, making it appear that Bob Arum, Top Rank Promoter and Ross Greenburg, President of HBO Sports, are actually liars with uncontrollable imaginations.

After that controversial denial, Floyd Mayweather Jr. took his ranting to the 'net and called Pacquiao every racial trash name he could think of. He even claimed he just needed to take time off away from boxing, and then when he comes back (If he ever comes back) he will whoop Manny’s behind.

Floyd just needs a little time off away from boxing. Time off? Are you kidding me? Isn’t that Little Floyd who just came out of retirement a couple of fights ago? Now he needs time off again? Could it be that Floyd’s body can't take anymore punches? Is it a case of the body getting old already? I don’t think so.

My take (for what it's worth) is that this is simply a case of a badly bruised ego. Then again, a bruised ego is not that simple with Mr. Mayweather.


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