Who Needs Sneakers? Mostly Barefoot Boys Basketball Team Takes International Title


A group of boys, mostly short and without shoes, proved once again that it’s always possible to overcome the odds as they captured an international basketball championship.

A team of Trique Indian boys from Mexico won all six of its games to win the International Festival of Mini-Basketball in Argentina, according to the Huffington Post.

Most of the boys on team are short and play without shoes. The kids are reportedly given tennis shoes as team members, but many choose not to wear them since they are used to being barefoot.

The International Business Times reports that the team’s victory earned appreciation from Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto.

"The victories of the Trique Indian team from Oaxaca's Academy of Indigenous Basketball make Mexicans proud," Pena Nieto reportedly tweeted.

The success of the team garnered it a minute of applause on the floor of Mexico's Chamber of Deputies and the president of the International Basketball Federation-Americas noted the boys were the best players in the tournament.

"These boys deserved (the championship) more than anyone," Horacio Muratore wrote on the organization's website.

One of the team’s coaches noted that the boys who played at the tournament are part of a basketball program designed to help poor children in Oaxaca.

"We see a basketball as an opportunity to grow in life," Ernesto Merino said.

Sources: Huffington Post, International Business Times


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