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Who Needs to Win a Title Now? Who is the Next LeBron James? Who Really Cares?

I hate the stupid question about "who has the most pressure on them to win" now that LeBron James has won a title.

Hey newsflash, idiots. The only reason that certain professional athletes have a ton of “pressure” to win a title is because of the scrutiny they get in the media in the first place. By constantly asking “Who has the most pressure,” all that the media is basically doing is saying “Who do we want to now have the most pressure.”

But that’s been the new trend, ever since the Heat won the title. Obviously, the Heat winning the title – and LeBron winning – is a groundbreaking moment in basketball. LeBron is one of the all-time greats, he won, so it’s a big deal.

Now, though, it’s like there has to be some sort of torch passed from LeBron to the next athlete – not even just basketball player, but athlete – who now has the most to lose by not winning a championship.

What sort of sick joke is that?

“Let’s see, now that LeBron isn’t a f**k-up anymore, let’s find the best player in all of sports who hasn’t been lucky enough to win a title – which most players never do in their entire careers – and criticize the heck out of him until he either does win or has to retire because he can’t handle the unnecessary media scrutiny.”  

Good plan. I saw, all in separate stories this week, that Michael Irvin thinks that Tony Romo now has the most pressure to win of any athlete, that Stephen A. Smith THINKS DA-WIGHT HOWARD HAS THE MOST PRESSURE. PERIOD. and that Carmelo, when asked if he feels pressure now because of LeBron said “my time is coming.”

I’m glad they could all chime in on some this completely media-concocted topic that borders on insanity. What the hell, I’ll throw my hat in the ring. I think that Washington Redskins wide receiver Leonard Hankerson now has the most pressure. You know why? Because it’s completely arbitrary, and I effing said so. You hear me Leonard Hankerson? This one-year title drought of yours has gong on long enough. Either you raise a trophy THIS SEASON, or you might as well retire. You are a worthless piece of you-know-what, Leonard Hankerson, and you deserve to be unbearably scrutinized because you haven’t enjoyed the extremely uncommon joy of raising a championship trophy.

In fact, I don’t know why I’m wasting my words on you, Hankerson. Go out and be a man instead of little whiny punk and actually win something. You disgust me.

Everything I just wrote is meant to be read in the screaming Stephen A. Smith voice, if that helps my point come across a little better. I I freaked out a little – the pressure got to me…

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