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Who is Keshon Flores and Does He Have a South Carolina Football Scholarship?

So who is this Keshon Flores that claims a South Carolina football scholarship offer?

In the Friday edition of the Spartanburg Herald-Journal, Todd Shansey wrote a interesting story on Spartanburg Methodist sophomore wrestler Keshon Flores. The story is compelling, not so much for his standout performances on the mat but for his claim that he got a "call...from South Carolina football coach Steve Spurrier" about a chance to join the USC football team.

This is the point of the story that jumps out:

Flores, a former linebacker and running back at Fort Dorchester High School in North Charleston, hasn't played football since 2009. But he will join the Gamecocks in the fall.

“It's pretty exciting,” Flores said. “Once I get there, I'll take a redshirt the first year and still have four years of eligibility left. I just want to train and get ready. I've missed two years, but once I get back, everything should be fine.” Eh?

See the reason this is so interesting for us and many fans of the South Carolina Gamecocks is according to the likes of Tony Morrell (The Big Spur) and Wes Mitchell (Gamecock Anthem), those within the USC football program have no clue what this young man is talking about in this SHJ story.

So what is the story here? 

Is a great collegiate wrestler on the cusp of becoming a member of the USC football linebacking corp?  Can Flores adjust after two years off?  Did SHJ and Mr. Shansey forget to fact-check?  Did the recruitment of Flores go unnoticed by all the blogs and recruiting sites covering the Gamecocks?

Hold on, before we think like that, let's try to make sense of this....If he is to join USC, he would not have four years of eligibility left for one and second, this adds to an already complex situation of "roster management" given USC is over the limit of 85 kids on scholly going into the fall.  Puzzling, isn't? 

Not saying I don't believe him, just need some more details here as this does not add up. Maybe he has been offered by USC to join the football team as a "prefered walk-on" like Worth Gregory and somehow he got confused. Again does not make sense and somewhere is the truth. 

This will remain the 'Curious Case of Keshon Flores' until we learn more.

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