While Pacquiao and Mosley Hug, Hopkins and Pascal War


Now this is what we're talking about. This is some quality pre-fight hype. This is what we want to see. While Manny Pacquaio and Sugar Shane Mosley talk about how they admire each other so much, Bernard Hopkins and Jean Pascal are calling each other "idiot," "on drugs" "ignorant," and "fool" over their first meeting in Canada. That match, which surprisingly turned into must-see viewing, was ruled a controversial draw. (Hopkins said he was robbed, Pascal said it was fair.) The rematch is scheduled for May 21. Now, I could do without the overdone music ominously playing in the background, but here's what makes this genuine stuff: The two aren't just jabbering about some mythical matchup. They actually did go to war and they delivered. Now Hopkins has yet another chance to become the oldest boxing champion in history. Max Kellerman hosts.


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