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Floyd Mayweather Charged in Attack on Security Guard

The boxing world has been waiting for months -- if not years -- for a fight between Filipino superstar Manny Pacquiao and American boxing king Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Unfortunately, while Pacquiao keeps winning and searches for worthy opponents, the pound-for-pound super fight looks less and less realistic as the days go by.

Especially when you consider Mayweather can't stop getting in trouble with the law.

This time, Mayweather has been charged with jabbing a finger into a private security guard's face. Mayweather was objecting to the guard placing two parking tickets on his vehicles outside his Las Vegashome.

According to the battery charges, Mayweather attacked worker Shayne Smith and started screaming you have no 'f***ing business touching' my cars.

According to TMZ, Mayweather tore one of the tickets off his car and put it on the 21-year-old homeowner association guard's vehicle.

The paperwork says: 'While lambasting Smith, Mayweather was allegedly jabbing his finger into the left side of Smith's cheek just below his eye. 'This willful and unlawful use of force and violence upon Smith caused redness and discoloration to the area which was battered by Mayweather.'

The worker says in the documents he drove off following the incident on November 15 to 'de-esculate' the situation. He then told his manager what had happened and took photos of the injury he had suffered. When police officers arrived Mayweather allegedly refused to come out of his home to speak to them.

If convicted on the battery charges, Mayweather faces a maximum six-month jail sentence.

Yet this isn't the only criminal problems for Mayweather. In another unrelated incident in September 2010, Mayweather allegedly attacked an ex-girlfriend.

He is is set to appear in court January 24 and faces 34 years in prison if convicted in that case.


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