Which Team Will Tim Tebow Play for Next? (Complete Odds)

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Peyton Manning signing with the Denver Broncos appears imminent at this point. Given John Elway’s undying hatred for Tim Tebow and the fact that the youngster probably wouldn’t want to serve as a backup to Manning, it’s safe to assume that Tebow will be wearing new colors come next season. The question now is: who’s?

According to Bovada, the Jacksonville Jaguars are favorites to acquire Tebow. Acquire being the operative word, of course, as Denver has made it clear that Tebow won’t simply get cut. Jacksonville is under new ownership and desperately needs a marquee brand name to market to an increasingly dwindling fan base. This move makes sense on every level. The Jags are +150.

The same goes for the Dolphins, who were previously rumored to be targeting both Robert Griffin III and Matt Flynn. And with the San Francisco 49ers not nabbing Manning, it’s probably a safe guess that -- after a little groveling -- Alex Smith will return there rather than signing with Miami. The Dolphins are +175.

Surprisingly, the Broncos are also listed at +175 to retain Tebow’s services heading into next year. Presumably this is due to doubt regarding whether Denver would feel like they could get fair value. That, coupled with their intention to not cut him, makes some sense. If John Elway and Co. aren’t opposed to cutting Tebow or trading him for scraps, though, then the high odds of him staying a Bronco are strange.

The New England Patriots are at +700 to land Tebow, most likely because of Josh McDaniels. Obviously the Patriots are set at quarterback, but there are stranger scenarios out there than Tebow reuniting with the coach who drafted him, and then learning behind the best quarterback in the game for a few years.

Finally, the Cleveland Browns are +1200. After (shockingly) losing out on the RGIII sweepstakes, the Browns are in desperate need of a passer. Still, it’s tough to figure out a scenario that lands Tebow here. Hence the long odds.

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