Who are the Best NBA Rookies in 2010-11?


Here’s a look at the advanced impact stats of the 9 rookies who have averaged at least 20 minutes per game so far in the 2010-11 season. The impact stats only judge how well the player impacts his team’s ability to win with him on the floor and in no way considers their regular statistics (ppg, rpg, apg, etc.). For a detailed breakdown of what the three advanced impact stats are, look here. For quick reference, the average Wins Produced per 48 Minutes (WP48) is 0.100, the average Offensive Rating Compared to Defensive Rating (ORtg-DRtg) is even or the same numbers, and the average Advanced Plus Minus (APM) is 0.00.

1. Derrick Favors, New Jersey Nets

21 minutes per game, 0.367 WP48, 136-108 ORtg-DRtg, +4.30 APM

All of Favors’ advanced numbers are way above average, which makes sense considering he’s averaging 7.8 rpg (22.7 Rebound% is the second best in NBA) and shoots a super efficient 62% from the field, not to mention he’s already looking like a decent contributor on the defensive end.

2. Landry Fields, New York Knicks

26 minutes per game, 0.318 WP48, 136-105 ORtg-DRtg, -15.30 APM

The still relatively unknown SF who was a second-round selection has picked up where his phenomenal summer league and preseason have left off: 52% FG, 46% 3FG, 6 rpg, 1.4 apg, 0.4 steals.

3. Blake Griffin, Los Angeles Clippers

34 minutes per game, 0.134 WP48, 108-110 ORtg-DRtg, -18.39 APM

Griffin’s advanced numbers cover the spectrum, one landing reasonably above average, one right near average, and one well below average. He’s looked like a more athletic Karl Malone at times and crashes the offensive boards like nobody’s business (5 offensive rebounds per game are second-best in NBA, 10 rpg overall), but he also disappears for stretches and needs to improve on his 50% FG rate to bring more consistency to his scoring.

4. Eric Bledsoe, Los Angeles Clippers

23 minutes per game, 0.110 WP48, 99-107 ORtg-DRtg, +19.68 APM

Bledsoe has had two great games in a row against OKC and Denver, so his efficiency numbers are looking uncharacteristically good (54% FG, 50% 3FG, 4.5 apg to 2.3 turnovers per). You can count on all of those stats—and consequently his advanced stats—to look much worse in the long-run, but he has done OK recently.

5. John Wall, Washington Wizards

39 minutes per game, 0.084 WP48, 98-108 ORtg-DRtg, -18.17 APM

Wall was an inefficient producer last year at Kentucky, and that’s starting to show in the NBA as well. He’s shooting 44% FG (and dropping) and his 9.5-5.8 Assist-Turnover rate is bad for a point guard (he’s leading the league in turnovers). With Wall running the Zards’ offense, the team’s Offensive Rating has gone from one of the worst in the league (104.2 in 2009-10) to last in the league (96.7 this year).  

6. Evan Turner, Philadelphia 76ers

26 minutes per game, 0.076 WP48, 89-107 ORtg-DRtg, +8.06 APM

Not surprisingly, Turner has had his moments, both good and bad. He dropped 16 points on 10 shots in his first game and continues to grab a fairly consistent 6 rebounds or more most outings. He’s also turning it over 2 or 3 times most nearly every game and alternating great shooting contests with bad ones.

7. James Anderson, San Antonio Spurs

20 minutes per game, 0.043 WP48, 122-107 ORtg-DRtg, -19.49 APM

He’s been a 3-point gunner off the bench (1.5-for-3.3 from deep, 46%), and he’s kept his turnovers to a very low 0.5 per game. His defense is coming along, but the Spurs do a great job of masking poor perimeter defenders through schemes and Tim Duncan.

8. DeMarcus Cousins, Sacramento Kings

23 minutes per game, 0.048 WP48, 111-111 ORtg-DRtg, -4.05 APM

Cousins hasn’t exactly lived up to billing yet, and he’s ended up looking kind of stupid by trying to diss Favors before the Nets beat Cousins’ Kings. Shooting 43% FG isn’t getting it done, neither is receiving 5 or more fouls in 4 of his 5 games.

9. Wesley Johnson, Minnesota Timberwolves

27 minutes per game, -0.013 WP48, 102-115 ORtg-DRtg, +2.90 APM

He’s a confident shooter, gets at least 1 steal most games, and has only 4 turnovers in his last 4 games after having 6 in his first 2. On the other hand, he’s shot 40% or lower in 4 of his 6 games (39% for the year) and has looked unremarkable most of the time, but keep in mind that he’s surrounded by talent and a coaching staff that was put together by David Kahn.


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