Which NFL Team will Draft Stanford's Andrew Luck in 2012?

After watching the Colts last night, I believe they have a real chance to draft Andrew Luck in next year’s draft. Between the number of injuries pilling up – including the obvious loss of Peyton Manning – and the poor play at more positions than just backup QB, there is little reason to believe the Colts can win many games.

No, I do not believe the team will intentionally lose, or that any team would ever do that. Players’ pride and sportsmanship won’t let them just quit… that only happens in the NBA when you’re trying to alter your playoff seed.

But when I look at the standings, the Colts are right in the mix for that first pick and are a team that would need a QB.

Of teams that are 1-3 or worse, Jacksonville, Arizona, Philadelphia, Carolina, St. Louis and Minnesota either are set at QB or just drafted one.

Philly won’t finish this low, so you can actually throw them out anyway. The only teams left with a true QB problem are Seattle, Denver, Kansas City, Miami and Indy.

Each of those teams has shown signs of life or some promise at times… outside of the Dolphins and Colts.


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