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Former NBA Player Lorenzen Wright Still Missing

Former Atlanta Hawks center Lorenzen Wright is nowhere to be found. Literally. His mother filed a missing persons report on July 22nd and police are baffled at this point.

“There is nothing on his phone records, no bank transactions, his vehicles are still at his house in Smyrna,” Lt Norm Dixon of the Collierville, TN Police said. “It’s like he literally dropped off the face of the earth.”

He was at his ex-wife’s house in Collierville, TN as of July 18th, and at this point the police don’t think foul play is involved.

“He went to [Collierville to] check on his kids,” Lt. Norm Dixon of the Collierville police said.

Hawks VP of public relations Arthur Triche said he saw Wright back in January at a restaurant and everything seemed fine.

“He was still the same outgoing, gregarious individual he always was,” Triche told the AJC. “Nothing would have led us to believe something like this would happen.”

“We don’t know what to make of it,” Triche continued. “We just hope the situation turns out positive for him and his family.”

Adriane Harris, Wright’s sister, said that he was seen at a Memphis barber shop the morning after he was at his ex-wife’s. OTR did the math, that would make it July 19th.

“If he did go somewhere, someone could get in touch with him,” said Harris. “No one can.”

Dixon agreed that the disappearance was out of character for him.

“The whole thing is not like him,” Dixon said. “All of his friends said he’s never done anything like this.”

This is odd. Wright was in some serious financial trouble. His house in Tennessee was repossessed for $1.3 million, and his house in Atlanta was repossessed for $1.1 million. But who else did he owe money too? Is he avoiding someone trying to collect? Did someone actually go collect in a not so nice way?

We hope this all turns out well for Wright and his family. Wright was going to try to get back in the NBA, but even before his disappearance it seemed like his 13-year NBA career was over.


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