Where Does Jorge Linares' Career Go From Here?


Jorge Linares is one of many young fighters in boxing who people claimed would someday be the next great thing in the sport. At the age of twenty six, he has already won world titles in two weight divisions (WBC Featherweight Title and WBA World Super Featherweight Title), winning his first title at the young age of twenty two. He appeared to have everything it takes to be a future star in the sport: speed, power, athleticism, good looks, and excellent boxing skills.

Every thing seemed to going perfectly and according to plan for Linares in his career as he continued to win and seemed destined to win more titles in multiple weight divisions and reign as champion for years to come. All of that came to crashing halt on that fateful night back on October 10, 2009 when he was crushed in one round by Juan Carlos Salgado in a fight many believed he would win rather easily over the supposedly less skilled Salgado.

Linares not only lost his WBA World Super Featherweight Title on that night. His dreams of becoming a future star in the sport were then put hold, leaving many of us wondering if it was fluke that had occurred or just maybe Linares isn’t as good as we once thought.

Nevertheless Linares got back up on horse and was able to reel off four straight victories before getting his shot at redemption back on October 15, 2011 against the number one ranked WBC Lightweight Contender Antonio DeMarco, in a fight for the vacant WBC Lightweight Title.

Linares boxed very intelligently in that fight and appeared to be winning easily after five rounds but in the sixth he suffered a nasty gash on his nose that just wouldn’t stop bleeding. From there on he also suffered another cut over his right eye that left his face a bloody mess. Still, Linares was able to fight on valiantly despite the cuts and was winning most of the rounds with his jab until he decided to go toe to toe with Demarco in the eleventh. Linares appeared to...

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