When Will New York Mets Fans Finally See a No-Hitter?

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Two nights ago I read about asteroid “2011 AG5” which scientists have given a 625-1 shot of hitting the earth in 2040. I’ll be 73 years old in 2070 and currently have plans of still walking the earth and being around for the event / non event.

The asteroid is only 460ft wide and not big enough to kill us all, but it could obliterate a city with a direct hit. One would think that as time got closer, if it were to hit the earth we would be able to at least forecast with some accuracy the country it was going to hit in if not the city; certainly at least the hemisphere no? Some think a splash smack in the middle of the Atlantic or Pacific would be best, but who knows what ramifications that would have for coastlines.

One of the things I read was that that the odds for a fairly frequent flier of dying in a commercial plane crash are somewhere in the vicinity of 500,000 to one. So if you’re frightened of flying, you should be shitting your insides out over this.

As you might imagine, I didn’t sleep well after reading about the 460ft projectile as my mind was racing. I mean, what the heck would I do if I found out 48 hours before a direct hit that the darned thing was coming? Duck? Run? Whip out my bucket list and see what I could cram in?

I twisted and turned for hours it seemed but I eventually fell asleep. My sleep was interrupted however as I woke up in the middle of a dream that only my warped baseball mind could have. My dream had asteroid “2011 AG5” making a direct hit on CitiField, but the New York Mets still had not recorded a no-hitter in their franchise history. Monday night's outing was game 7,997 in the history of the New York Metropolitans and although they won the game in pretty dramatic fashion, it appears that the 8,000 games played number will come and go without a no-no in sight.

2040 is only about another 4,500 games or so and it would appear that the no-no gods simply have it in for the Mets. The Mets have thrown 35 one-hitters and had six no-hitters thrown against them. Hopefully this asteroid misses because it would be a shame for the franchise to come and go after 78 years without a no-hitter….

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