When Will the Jets Bench Mark Sanchez, Start Tim Tebow?


Under most circumstances, no player wants to go into their bye week having lost 2 straight divisional games, including a drubbing at home. However, Mark Sanchez is not under what we should consider most circumstances.  Sanchez’s 3-5 Jets are last in their division, Sanchez is 30th in the league in passer rating, and apparently there is a popular savior, I mean back-up, that many feel should be taking the QB job away from Sanchez.

Now, to be fair, the Jets’ offense has been a mess everywhere, not just at quarterback. The receiving corps has been injured and inconsistent, the run game has been non-existent (minus the Patriots game), and the offensive line has not protected Sanchez all that well either. Sounds eerily familiar to some team on the West coast that was 1-4 five games into the season last year, doesn’t it? Sorry, I am getting off topic.

Anyways, back to Sanchez. The 25-year-old quarterback has 10 total touchdowns compared to 11 total turnovers. He has completed less than 50% of his passes in 4 out of their 8 games (3 of which were losses coincidently). These are the kinds of numbers that should, in theory, make the coaching staff consider a change, no matter who the back-up QB is.

So why is this bye week huge for the security of Sanchez’s job? Because all he has to do is practice. That means Sanchez will be in his element. We have always heard rave reviews about Sanchez in practice and how he is accurate, on time, fluid, etc, so it is no secret that he is the better practice QB. This has to be the only logical reason as to why the Jets are so hesitant to give Tebow more snaps, because of what they have seen in practice. There is no other explanation. It’s quite possible that these two weeks could buy Sanchez a few more starts, regardless of how he plays in the games after the bye week. The reason must be because of the gap of performance HAS to be that broad on the practice field….Right?

I mean, let’s face it, The Jets didn’t go out and get Tim Tebow and pay him over 2 million dollars to come in and be their ‘personal punt protector’ and carry the ball twice a game. At some point, someone in the organization believed that he could play quarterback for the New York Jets some day. Yet here we are, 9 weeks in, and a “super-bowl caliber” team (according to Rex Ryan) is 3-5 with an underachieving QB, and they seem to want nothing to do with their 2 million dollar investment.

Let’s look at it logically, Rex Ryan’s style of play is supposedly ‘ground and pound’, play good defense, and don’t turn the ball over. What were Tebow’s two biggest strengths last year (besides the 4th quarter in general)? While it certainly wasn’t throwing the ball, he did turn the Broncos into the number 1 rushing offense and didn’t turn the ball over. So what would Rex be risking if he goes to Tebow at some point? A bad QB rating? A losing record? Only scoring only 3 points at home through 3 quarters against a divisional rival? Oh wait, all those things are already happening!

In the end, it’s quite possible (not probable) that Mark Sanchez could come out and play extremely well against the Seahawks next weekend and solidify his job for a few more weeks. If he doesn’t though, how much longer do Rex Ryan and the Jets organization allow their Monday-Friday eyes to make their decisions for them?


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