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Since When is Spike Lee a New York Jets Fan?

In the first quarter of Sunday night’s Jets-Patriots broadcast on NBC, Spike Lee was shown wearing a Jets Jersey, sitting in a box with Shaquille O’Neal.

So now he’s a Jets fan? Certainly does not look like it here.

Lee is also supposed to be some sort of model Knicks fan – what sort of Knicks fan would be caught wearing this?

Lee also touts himself as a diehard Yankees fan, yet last year he told some students he thought he was going to play baseball for the Mets when he was growing up. In 2006, he reportedly showed up at a Mets game in Mets gear. He also told Razball that he stopped rooting for the Mets after they fired Willie Randolph  and he roots for “all New York teams.”

So when the Nets move to Brooklyn, is “Mr. Knick” going to start rooting for both? Probably. Lee likes to think he is the ultimate New York Sports fan, and represents us all. Thank God, that is only in his own mind. Lee represents the worst in New York sports fans from the allegiance perspectives.

The ones that say “I root for both” when asked if they are a Mets or Yankees fan. The ones who only show up when they are winning, like the Mets were winning in 2006 and like the Jets have been in recent years. He is like the average fair-weather phony who simply roots for whoever is winning locally. He will likely be carrying both Nets and Knicks hats when they face each other in the playoffs in the future. Whoever wins, that is the one he will put on his head and toss the other one aside.

If I have to explain to you why you cannot root for all New York teams, then you are as just as bad as Lee.

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